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 Softaire Computer Services believes there is a Manufacturing Industry Software "Myth" in contrast to what we embrace as "the technology street truth". This truth is simply that "the software industry's technology is far advanced beyond the practical, functional needs of the end user for whom software was designed."


Going forward, what this means to our industry sector is that small manufacturers simply cannot absorb the implementation of the advanced software modules and functions available from most software authors. Nor, in our opinion, do they need such advanced software function to achieve practical business pay-back objectives. What is needed instead is the practical and maximum use of the basic and most productive "pay-back" integrated manufacturing software modules in the context of industry-accepted manufacturing philosophy and system design espoused for over 40 years. This philosophy still holds true and relevant today, and tomorrow in the opinion of many, including Softaire Computer Services .

When the typical smaller manufacturer "boils it all down," his views of critical Information Technology (IT) software "pay-backs" revolve around:

inventory control and flexibility;
basic production control/planning ability;
better shop floor efficiency;
billing/accounting control; and
database access for responsive customer service, custom reporting and management analysis of the business.

No more. No less. Just software that can do these things affordably, timely, practically, flexibly and with as little implementation effort and business disruption as possible.


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