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Softaire Computer Services announces an inexpensive Disaster Recovery"Hot Site" and backup service located here in San Diego.

This inexpensive service is meant to keep your disaster preparedness planning and costs to a minimum.  Mostly likely, you will never need the service. However, if you do ever need it . . . you need it now and you need it to work!

Softaire Computer Services will provide an AS/400 and office location for your use in the event your system or office is "down".  Upon notification, we will load your backup application software and activate your designated user profiles.  The office will accommodate up to six local users with telephones, fax, printers etc.   Telephone “Land Lines” and connectivity through the Internet allow designated users to access applications on the iSeries (AS/400) remotely from home via PC.

This plan is not meant to be a complete replacement for all of your hardware and software requirements.  It is meant to allow you to continue business, at least to minimal extent, while you recover from some critical facilities problem.

In the event of a critical facilities problem, we could have this service activated quickly.

The "Base Service" availability protection is only $200 per month.   Other items, such as possible off-site storage of application software or key forms etc. are chargeable and negotiable.  Programming and operations support are available, if desired, at hourly rates.  You might consider using this computer site for application development, programmer training, off-site testing & running in parallel.

Setup and testing are required, at least once, initially to ensure that the service will actually work.  It may be done on a recurring basis, at your discretion.   Assistance is chargeable only for that time actually required to assist your personnel. 

If interested, please call to discuss your requirements . . .

Voice: 619-265-0733
e-mail: bbastien@softaire.net

Bruce Bastien

Softaire Computer Services, Inc.
7525 Mission Gorge Road, Suite E
San Diego, CA  92120


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