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Our expertise and thus the services we offer for the iSeries (AS/400) include: 

  •  ASP (Application Service Provider). 

We host your iSeries software on our computer in our office. You access the iSeries computer via the Internet and secure VPN or via traditional telephone “land lines”. Services include processor usage, on-line data and program storage, off-site daily backups, and the traditional Operator and Security Officer tasks. You are relieved from the responsibility for providing a “mainframe” hardware computer investment, the maintenance cost, the support line costs, insurance costs, and facility costs for that asset. You simply use it.

  • Manufacturing Solutions.

Softaire provides a complete manufacturing system for small and medium sized companies. No software to buy simply log on to our iSeries system and take advantage of all the features that you would expect to find in a much larger ERP application.

  • Service Bureau & EDI.

 We can provide recurring daily, weekly, monthly reporting, file creation and sending or receiving, as well as EDI translation of incoming or outgoing reports and data files. 

  • Business Application Development. 

We provide customized business computer application development for the iSeries (AS/400). This could be on our computer at Softaire or on your computer. It could be done at your site or remotely from our site. The choice is yours. 

  • Hot Site Disaster Recovery, Backup & Storage. 

We provide a small business office and access to our iSeries computer to allow a small number of your users a place to continue your operations in the event you have a “critical” facilities problem. The event may be simply a computer problem with your iSeries or it may be a complete facilities shutdown, but if you are “backed up” with us, your recovery would simply be a load of your most current data into our iSeries and you are back “on-line”.

  • S/36 Support and Conversions. 

We provide S/36 RPG II and OCL programming support to maintain and enhance your existing customized legacy applications. We can convert your S/36 legacy applications to the new iSeries (AS/400) "Native"  environment in RPG III, RPG IV, DDS, and CL. We can also continue that conversion to make your applications "Web Enabled".


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