Softaire Stories

This is your entry to adventures, stories, tales, yarns, and misremembered thoughts... 

all true or made up. 

About Softaire Stories...

This bookstore contains stories- true and imaginary, short and long, memoirs & biographies, and historical narratives plus discussions, rants and raves.

It currently only has one book but the intent is to add many stories from any willing author. 

The intent is to provide true and imaginary writings to entertain and enlighten. 

About the Author

Bruce Bastien


BRUCE BASTIEN has had duel careers in data processing and aviation. He has been a computer salesman for IBM, a businessapplications computer programmer, a consultant, and owner of a“Cloud” server business hosting client business applications. He has been a flight instructor and owner of a Part 135 on-demand airline with Commercial Pilot License; Single Engine & Multi-Engine,Instrument Airplane ratings. He has degrees in Biometry, Computer Science, and Accounting. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife Carol.